About Vida

Vida Media is a unique approach to local radio. We focus on delivering the music, entertainment and information our listeners want without all the clutter they don’t. We are completely focused on delivering results to our listeners and advertisers. Based in Stockton, California, we began broadcasting in 2012. Our stations are broadcast digitally and can be heard on our App, www.VidaMedia.net, iTunes Radio, TuneIn, CX Radios, and more. We feature four radio stations that include:


Vida is a English language Pop, Top 40 station that includes about 20% of its presentation in Spanish Pop & Spanish Top 40. It brings a unique sound to Northern California and beyond.


Tu Vida is a Spanish language Pop, Top 40 station which includes about 30% of its presentation in Spanglish and English. Tu Vida is original in style and content. It appeals to a younger, wider base of listeners that are influenced in both English and Spanish. There is not another station around that is anything like Tu Vida.


All hail the return of La Poderosa! La Poderosa was the most powerful Spanish station in the Central Valley from the mid 1960s until 2010 when the signal (107.3) was sold by the La Rue Family. Requests for the return of La Poderosa wouldn’t cease so we have decided to return the station to the airwaves via a more modern delivery method. The reception has been tremendous and we look forward to many more years of serving our loyal listeners.

Quake gets to the basics with good old English Rock and Roll, both new and old. It’s the best of the best. It is an English language station with an international sound. Quake simply rocks.